Dental Assistant Recognition Week - Why We Appreciate Dental Assistants

Dental Assistant Recognition Week - Why We Appreciate Dental Assistants

Posted by Del Mar Family Dental Care on Mar 7 2021, 09:58 PM

Dental assistants are a vital part of every dental practice, but, sometimes, they may not always get the recognition they deserve. The ADA Council on Dental Practice encourages dentists to acknowledge the dedication and contributions of their dental assistants during Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW), celebrated during the first full week of March every year. In 2021, March 7-13 has been designated as Dental Assistants Recognition Week, the perfect time to acknowledge and recognize every dental associate in the dental team.  

At Delmar Family Dental Care, we will celebrate the week by honoring our dental assistants for the variety of duties they perform and supporting them to provide patients with quality dental care.

According to research conducted by the DALE Foundation, most dentists and dental office managers believe that dental assistants bring significant value to the practice. Here are just a few reasons we think dental assistants are essential and vital for every dental practice. 

  • Dental assistants are attentive to the patient and team needs.

Dental assistants play a crucial role in providing patients with the best care and delivering an exceptional patient experience. From preparing for procedures by cleaning anything leftover from a previous appointment, setting the space by arranging the instruments to be used, to following up with patients after treatment, dental assistants are always observant of the patient and team needs. Competent dental assistants add to team synergy, make all team members more effective and contribute to patient retention. 

For the patients, dental assistants listen to their requests, hear their concerns, and they calm nervous patients. Often, they are the first and last touchpoint a patient has in the dentist's office. 

  • Dental assistants help a productive schedule.

Dental assistants help maintain a productive schedule for the dental practice and keep everything on track. They support the dentist and the other team members and promote more dental care. They typically begin an appointment by taking the patient to the examination room and discussing their needs. They are also responsible for getting assessments done for the dentist from the patient. During dental procedures, they assist the dentist with instrument handling, rinsing, suction, etc. Dental assistants also take teeth impressions when instructed by the dentist and provide post-care instructions after a procedure. 

In addition to the patient-facing tasks, dental assistants keep a dental practice run smoothly by doing or helping with administrative procedures like scheduling appointments, billing customers, ordering supplies, submitting claims, etc.

  • Dental assistants help keep patients safe.

Dental assistants are usually responsible for handling sterilization and disinfection of the dental instruments used to clean and treat the patient's teeth. This way, they are on the front lines of keeping patients and providers safe and sound. 

As with everyone, for dental assistants, feeling appreciated by their employer contributes much to their work satisfaction. DARW is an extra-special chance for every employer to recognize and appreciate the services of dental assistants. DARW is also a reminder to the other members of the team that assistants are vital.  

Dental assistants are vital to have every dental business going. They help assist the dentists in every way possible and go far beyond to help their patients. Dental Assistants Recognition Week is always the opportunity to take the time to say thank you for their unparalleled services and efforts. 


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