We suggest several dental braces to correct tooth alignment, including classic metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, and Invisalign. Each kind has a distinct combination of benefits and drawbacks that must be considered when determining the optimal treatment approach for specific patients.

Benefits of Braces

There are other advantages to braces beyond looks. While it is true that orthodontic braces may help you achieve a beautiful smile, let us look at a few more ways they might benefit your general health.

Improvement of Speech
How do you pronounce some phrases because of the asymmetry in your teeth? Teeth are crucial in aiding you in effectively pronouncing words.
Prevents Bone Erosion
Misaligned teeth can result in bone loss, and it happens as a result of microorganisms eating away at the bones. Periodontal ligaments are manipulated with braces by stretching the connective tissues and nerves. The bones will begin to regenerate on their own after a period of adjustment.
Improves the Overall Oral Health
Your teeth will become correctly aligned and spaced out due to orthodontic treatment, allowing you to clean your mouth more effectively.
Increases Confidence
It's beneficial to understand that braces are a temporary solution that may reward you with a lifetime of a warm, confident smile.

How Braces are Placed?

During the insertion of dental braces, a cheek retractor is utilized to keep the teeth exposed and dry. The teeth are first polished to guarantee appropriate bonding of the brackets and then air-dried.

For 30 seconds, a conditioner is applied to the front surfaces of the teeth to further prepare them for bonding the brackets. It is removed, the teeth are dried, and an adhesive primer is applied to the bond.

Cement is applied on the reverse of the brackets, and the brackets are then affixed to the prescribed spots on the teeth. Surplus cement is removed after positioning the brackets, and the brackets are hardened with a high-intensity light. The retractor is subsequently removed, and the dental archwires are inserted.

The bonding of the brackets and placement of the archwires might take between ten and twenty minutes. The duration is often dictated by the time required to properly arrange the components to treat the individual's unique problem.
As you can see, orthodontic treatment may address various oral health concerns and may ultimately save you time and money.

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