Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped "caps" that fit over your natural tooth. When the tooth is crowned, it is reshaped, strengthened, and beautified. Think of it as a tooth-tightening cap. The dental crown is bonded onto the visible piece of the tooth and completely covers it.

Benefits of Dental Crown

There are several advantages to getting dental crowns. That is why they are one of the more popular treatments available today. A couple of the benefits are as follows:

Serves to Strengthen Teeth
A dental crown fully encircles and protects a tooth. It restores strength to a weak tooth, allowing it to continue performing its function without fear of additional harm. Additionally, crowns can shield a tooth from the additional deterioration that might cause severe harm. 

Rehabilitates Teeth
Crowns may restore a dental patient's mouth to full functionality. It enables them to eat and converse normally.

Dental crowns will remain precisely where it is meant to be, unlike dentures, which may move or shift. It implies that crowns are more comfortable to wear as a permanent component of one's mouth than loose dentures on top of the gums.

Enhances the Overall Appearance
A dental crown may conceal various tooth flaws, including discoloration and chipping. A crown may be customized to match the rest of the teeth, creating a more natural appearance and pleasing smile. 

Dental Crown Placement Procedure

Before the dental crown procedure, a local anesthetic is given to numb the tooth. After shaving down the tooth to create a place for the crown, an imprint of the prepared tooth is taken using a putty-like material or a computerized scanner. 

The dentist will next use a shade guide or take photographs of the patient's teeth to assist the lab technician in creating crowns that match the rest of the patient's teeth.

A temporary crown comprises resin or acrylic material and is fitted over the original tooth using a mold or stent. This temporary crown is secured with temporary cement and is simply removable once the permanent crown is completed.

Typically, the patient returns for a second appointment a few weeks after receiving a temporary crown. 
Whatever kind of crown you get, be careful to discuss the procedure, healing, and aftercare with your dental care professional. A dental crown is a common and safe surgery that protects your teeth for years and restores the natural and healthy sparkle to your smile.

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