Everything You Should Know About Bad Breath and How to Get Rid Of It

Everything You Should Know About Bad Breath and How to Get Rid Of It

Posted by Del Mar Family Dental Care on Jul 8 2021, 11:16 AM

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a leading concern for at least 25% of the country’s population. The condition is caused by poor oral health habits or underlying health concerns. In fact, reports suggest that bad breath is the third leading cause of dental visits after tooth decay and gum disease.

But, how does bad breath occur? Is there a way to get rid of it forever? 

Dr. Seung Lee, DDS, at Del Mar Family Dental Care in Aurora, Colorado, knows the answer to all these questions all too well. With years of experience and friendly staff, Dr. Lee offers the best dental care for families and patients of all ages.

Read on to learn what causes bad breath and how you can solve this problem once and for all. 

What Causes Bad Breath?

Bad breath, sometimes referred to as dragon’s breath, can occur due to several reasons. While some are harmless, others may point to underlying health concerns. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the most common causes of bad breath: 

  • Dry Mouth

Does your mouth often feel parched? It means you are not generating enough saliva. 

Saliva is a natural oral cleanser. When you don’t have enough saliva, the cleaning process is halted, thus leading to halitosis. 

Dry mouth usually occurs due to problems with your salivary glands, medication, breathing through your mouth, or not drinking enough water.

  • Food

The food you consume can cause bad breath. For instance, onion, garlic, coffee, tuna, and dairy products are the most common culprits that lead to foul breath.

Limiting the intake of foods that cause bad breath can help minimize the issue. 

  • Medical Problems

Certain medical problems are also known to cause bad breath. For instance, if you have an oral infection, it can make your breath smell bad. Other conditions like diabetes, gastric reflux, liver or kidney disease are also common contributors.

How to Get Rid Of Bad Breath?

Here are a few methods Dr. Seung Lee, DDS, at Del Mar Family Dental Care in Aurora, Colorado recommends for getting rid of bad breath:

  • Brush and floss twice a day
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash
  • Cut down on smoking 
  • Eat healthier foods
  • Clean your oral appliances regularly
  • Visit your dentist for a thorough dental cleaning at least once a year

Bad breath can be a source of embarrassment in social scenarios. However, it’s one that can be easily fixed with a visit to your dentist.

To learn more about how you can get rid of bad breath, call Dr. Lee at Del Mar Dental Family Care at (303) 577-0062, fix an appointment online, or visit our office at 797 Peoria St. Unit A, Aurora, CO 80011.

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