Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Is It Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Posted by Dr. Lee on May 5 2023, 03:38 AM

Your wisdom teeth are the last of your adult teeth to emerge, typically appearing between the ages of 17 and 25. Since wisdom teeth come in so late, they often don’t have space to grow properly. They become impacted, meaning they grow sideways or only partially emerge through the gums. This can be painful and make brushing and flossing difficult. As a result, our dentists at Del Mar Family Dental Care & Orthodontics will recommend removing your wisdom teeth to avoid further problems.

The Procedure for Dentist Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your dentist will give you an injection to numb the area where the tooth will be removed. They will then use a unique tool to loosen and gently wiggle the tooth until it breaks free from the gum. The tooth may need to be broken into smaller pieces to make removing it easier. If it is impacted, your surgeon may have to cut into the gums and jaw bone to remove it. Stitches may be necessary to close the gum edges. After the procedure, your jaw may be sore, but your dentist can prescribe pain medications to alleviate your discomfort. Most people can return to work the next day, although some may need rest days before resuming normal activities.

Reason for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

When wisdom teeth do not have sufficient space to erupt, they may grow at an improper angle, facing forward or backward. This can cause strain on the jaw, mouth, and teeth as they attempt to push through the gums. Pain and discomfort are common symptoms that patients experience when their wisdom teeth grow incorrectly.

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to severe problems like cysts or tumors. While some people can live everyday lives with these teeth, removing them before the situation worsens is better.

Tooth Crowding

One of the most common reasons for wisdom teeth removal is to avoid tooth crowding. When teeth aren’t aligned properly, they can prevent the proper growth of other teeth and create overcrowding in the mouth. This can cause difficulty when eating and speaking.

Tooth Decay

Your wisdom teeth do not have the same purpose as your other adult teeth. These extra molars typically do not have enough space to emerge correctly, and they are often crooked to the point of causing additional problems for the surrounding teeth. As a result, your dentist may recommend that they receive extraction to protect your oral health and avoid costly repairs in the future.

If you do have your wisdom teeth removed, it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene habits after the procedure to prevent issues like dry sockets and slow healing. For more information, visit Del Mar Family Dental Care & Orthodontics at 797 Peoria St. Unit A, Aurora, CO 80011, or call (303) 577-0062.

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