Tips To Make Your Dental Visits More Relaxing And Anxiety-free

Tips To Make Your Dental Visits More Relaxing And Anxiety-free

Posted by Del Mar Family Dental Care on Feb 8 2023, 10:07 PM

Feeling nervous before a dental appointment is entirely normal. Dental anxiety, or dental phobia, is a fear of the dentist or dental work that prevents patients from getting the care they need. The fear of the dentist can be so intense that it causes people to avoid the dentist altogether. If you have dental anxiety, here are a few tips to overcome it.

Learn as much as you can about your upcoming procedure

Knowledge is power! The more you know about your procedure, the less anxious you’ll be about it. If your dentist has recommended a crown, but you’re not convinced you need one, ask for more information and have your questions answered before you move forward with treatment. Similarly, if you’re anxious about sedation dentistry or oral conscious sedation, research it beforehand so you can learn more about how it works and if it’s right for you. The less you know going into your appointment, the more anxious you’ll feel once you’re there. So do your research ahead of time, so you feel comfortable and confident by the time of your scheduled visit.

Choose a dentist who puts patient comfort first

Finding the right dentist for your needs requires a little research on your part, but when you do find that perfect practice, you’ll wonder why you ever put yourself through the anxiety-inducing experience of seeing a different dentist. When it comes to visiting the dentist, many people can find it uncomfortable or intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be this way! By finding a practice that understands your needs and concerns and is making efforts to make your visit as relaxing as possible, you can look forward to going to the dentist twice a year instead of dreading the appointment.

Use sedation dentistry if you’re extremely anxious

If an upcoming appointment is causing you a lot of anxiety, you have a few options to help make your appointment more relaxing and comfortable. In some cases, oral conscious sedation or IV sedation may be a better option for you than nitrous oxide or local anesthetics. With oral conscious sedation, you’ll be prescribed an oral medication to be taken before your procedure. You’ll feel calm and relaxed throughout your treatment, although you’ll still be conscious enough to respond to your dentist’s questions. If you opt for IV sedation for your dental treatment, you’ll receive the sedative intravenously. A dentist will monitor you throughout the entire process to ensure your safety.

Practice relaxation

If you become nervous in the dentist’s chair, try practicing relaxation techniques beforehand to help calm your nerves. Try meditating or reading your favorite book to help you relax. Making an appointment with the dentist in the morning when you know you’ll have more energy might help you keep your health on track.

Bring headphones and music

Listening to music or podcasts can help distract you from your upcoming appointment and keep your mind busy. Headphones are also a great way to block out any sounds that could create stress for you. Feel free to ask us for recommendations for relaxing music and podcasts. 

Give yourself plenty of time to visit the dentist

If you can, try to schedule your appointment at a time of the day when you know, you’ll have the most energy. For example, if you’re most alert in the morning, you might be able to schedule your cleaning or other procedures during the morning hours when your dentist will be less busy. This can help you avoid feeling rushed or stressed when you need to communicate your needs to the dentist or make important decisions about your care.

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